WorkTime Expert in coaching

“What is my greatest WorkTime Expert take away? Money and time!”. Ewa Suwała, coach, mentor and mediator from shares her experience with the app.

Everyone talks about business… They all write about sales, controlling, corpo, etc. I am not going to follow their footsteps. I’m going to focus on coaching and mediation instead. Those of you who work as a coach, a mediator know how sessions look like and how clients love to drag out, talk too much, suck a meeting dry until the last minute and not necessarily pay for it because, come on, what’s the problem, it is only 10 minutes or half an hour.

What did WorkTime Expert give me? Money and time! That’s right, because time is money. I started to respect my time, time I dedicate to my clients. The app in black and white showed me how much money I lost because of this dragging out and not paying me much. A mediator performing out-of-court mediation can value his work just like a lawyer can price out a case. This gives a fresh perspective on the relationship between work and means it brings and time spent with clients.

WorkTime Expert is a simple in use app. In my opinion every Coach or Mediator will find a valuable support in it. You will ask – and where is the confidentiality? I personally code my clients with my numbers and internal naming. However, the WorkTime Expert app provides all possible security standards, so if you want to name your client as John Smith – you can do it.

On top of it all, many of us now work using the phone. Clients often call just to ask about one short matter. We talk to them, take our time, share our knowledge; the problem is that it is not rewarded. But we can then make a note of such calls in WorkTime Expert and settle them when we meet with a client.

I recommend WorkTime Expert as a manager, coach and mediator. It is a great product that makes work and life easier, and most importantly for me, WorkTime Expert is a UE product.