WorkTime Expert in an automotive industry

Piotr Suwała from Volkswagen Financial Services tells how the WorkTime Expert app successfully works as a time optimization tool in the automotive industry.

Since the beginning of my adventure with the automotive industry – I have believed in one to one sales based on direct contact with the customer. The COVID-19 epidemic tried to the world of sales based on these values upside down, locking us in 4 walls of our own homes – without the possibility of contact with the customer. For many of us, this time turned to be a real test of the quality of our customer relations. It was also a test of data quality in our CRM systems. At the same time, this time became a flywheel for unbelievers contesting the value of CRM itself – because while sitting at home and contacting customers – an excuse that there was no time to supplement data in CRM was gone.

Our approach to the customer has definetely changed during the pandemic. It turned out that the lack of business meetings (both formal and less formal), meetings, business lunches, briefings, direct audit negotiations and many other direct business events that are normally the “driver” that keeps businesses going did not stand in the way of their development.

As the Head of Sales in the Truck & Bus department of Volkswagen Financial Services, which provides factory financing for MAN vans, trucks and buses, I have read with interest about the functionalities of the WorkTime Expert app. This tool is aimed at measuring efficiency and working time and will be an ideal solution for all managers who want to verify the efficiency of their salesmen as well as the efficiency of a salesmen’s work with a specific customer or customer group. This can easily be translated into value for the salesman and the organization itself. Then the answer to the question – how much did it cost me to get and wrap up a contract with this customer – pops up very quickly and effectively. We can also compare the efficiency paths of different customers.

Thank you very much to Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada for the possibility of testing the programme. I recommend this tool to anyone looking for time optimization for their business.