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Many industries, one app! Our customers’ opinions prove WorkTime Expert to work out in various industries. That is why we invited them to share their insights about the app. Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada talked to Daniel Czekatowski, a partner at CPAA – Premium Accounting Services. Have a look how WorkTime Expert works in accounting.

Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada: How would you call WorkTime Expert in a sentence?

Daniel Czekatowski: The app is a tool that gives a full picture of all the work provided to our customers. It provides detailed work time records as well as task and project management.

ABZ: Has WorkTime Expert changed your way of working and team management? If yes, how?

DC: Thanks to the WorkTime Expert app, we were able to accurately estimate time and thus the value of work provided to the customer. Now both we and our customers know exactly what kind of activities make up the monthly invoice.

ABZ: Which WorkTime Expert feature do you find most useful?

DC: The desktop is the most useful feature in everyday work. It is a tool that on an ongoing basis track time of work that we are currently doing.

ABZ: What are the biggest advantages of using WorkTime Expert application?

DC: Thanks to WorkTime Expert we can precisely define the value of our work and its effects that can be later shown to our customers. In our daily work, a tool for recording e-mail and telephone consultations is most helpful. None of the tools we had used before we discovered WorkTime Expert had allowed to track phone calls and email works so accurately.

On top of it, due to the fact that the employees keep a record of their work on an ongoing basis, we save time that we used to spend on a manual summary of work in the traditional time-sheets.

ABZ: Has your attitude to time/relation with time – the way you perceive time – changed since you use the app?

DC: Accurate records of working time in WorkTime Expert showed us how many minutes or even hours of work provided to our customers were not invoiced. Now we have a full picture of the situation.

ABZ: Does working in the app help your team to work remotely?

DC: Our team had already worked remotely much earlier, but thanks to WorkTime Expert we all have the opportunity to keep the track on the progress of our work in one place.

ABZ: Thank you very much!

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Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada – WorkTime Expert app Co-founder

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