WorkTime Expert for a med industry

Many industries, one app! We are proud to announce that Escalar – the programs for medicine are among our partners. Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada talked to its CEO Tomasz Adam to find out how WorkTime Expert works for them.

Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada: How would you call WorkTime Expert in a sentence?

Tomasz Adam: The WorkTime Expert app is a tool to record what we are currently doing and what we plan to do for our customers.

ABZ: Has WorkTime Expert changed your way of working, team management and attitude to time? If yes, how?

TA: Working with WorkTime Expert gave us, in the form of analyses, a lot of information and statistics related to the organization of our work. These are extremely valuable guidelines. We have started to use in practice the various compilations of data about our company that the app brings and that are in fact created from our input.

ABZ: Which WorkTime Expert feature do you find most useful?

TA: I think that the biggest advantage of WorkTime Expert is its flexibility. Its features and functionality allow to design records and work sheets in various ways and almost perfectly fit our MO, which in my opinion has not much to do with the standard model. I would even say that our company is a specific user, who had clearly defined needs and expectations. Almost all of them were satisfied. (laughing) I am also glad that the app keeps on developing dynamically.

ABZ: What are the biggest advantages of using the WorkTime Expert app?

TA: We have captured time that “flows” from our team to our customers. This was a priority.

ABZ: Has the settlements and reports had a positive impact on your relationships with your customers?

TA: Yes and no. We have long-term contracts with most of our customers. At the beginning of our cooperation we usually estimated the volume of work and agreed on a certain amount every month. This was usually enough for both parties to be satisfied with the cooperation. However, the “IT in health care” train has been gradually accelerating for several years. Together with our customers, we have moved to the express train, and in the future, all of us would like to on the TGV . This caused us to work much more. We often work in the so-called backstage, which is not visible. WorkTime Expert reports show it clearly and are the basis for financial settlements. Not everyone is happy with it. (laughing)

ABZ: Does working in the app help your team to work remotely?

TA: Remote working plays a significant part in our team and we work this way since the beginning. What I mean is the relationship Escalar → a customer. But e.g. as a Microsoft partner we have been using internally e.g. the Teams app for many years,, which has recently become very popular. WorkTime Expert is an excellent complement and fits perfectly our remote work framework.

ABZ: Has WorkTime Expert increased efficiency in the company?

TA: It has been growing regularly. (laughing) It may be quite subjective point of you, but I allow myself to assess this process based on insightful scrutiny made in recent weeks.

ABZ: In the definition of WorkTime Expertwe highlight that it works to optimize working time by tracking and settling working time. Have you managed to optimize your company’s work flow through data analysis?

TA: We have been tidying up our work system for some time now. We have set the direction we are aiming at. To achieve this, we need modern and efficient tools for our work. At the same time, we want Escalar to maintain its autonomy and follow its own path, rather than drifting towards a cold-blooded, red tape corp. That’s why we take special care of the relationship with our customers. Without them, we would have nothing to track, so we want to be transparent in our actions.

ABZ: Thank you very much!

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Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada – WorkTime Expert app Co-founder