WorkTime Expert for a law firm

Our customers’ opinions are extremely important to us, especially as they show how WorkTime Expert works in practice in various industries. That is why we invited them to share their insights about the app. Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada talked to Hubert Cichoń, managing partner and legal advisor at Enodo Advisors. Have a look how WorkTime Expert works in a law firm.

Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada: How would you call WorkTime Expert in a sentence?

Hubert Cichoń: A modern tool for recording and accounting for time spent on different type tasks, offering the possibility of invoicing the customer. In other words, a complete solution for a law firm settling accounts with clients based on the working time of its professionals.

ABZ: Has WorkTime Expert changed your way of working, team management and attitude to time? If yes, how? If yes, how?

HC: WorkTime Expert made assigning tasks and monitoring progress much easier. As it facilitates access to up-to-date data on time spent by particular team members on the tasks assigned to them, the app implementation has reduced the amount of time spent by partners on such tasks.

ABZ: Which WorkTime Expert feature do you find most useful?

HC: The option of delegating tasks and recording working time based on these tasks.

ABZ: Which app feature do you use most often?

HC: Working time recording and accounting, as well as invoicing.

ABZ: What are the biggest advantages of using WorkTime Expert application?

HC: Great contact with the implementation team, which reacts as quick as a flash and adapts the product to our needs.

ABZ: Thank you very much!

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Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada – WorkTime Expert app Co-founder