WorkTime Expert – Assets and Advantages

Why WorkTime Expert? Check out its most important assets and advantages it brings!

Assets: Works as expected

  • Tracks time spent on a particular task
  • Provides working time settlements according to all possible settlement methods
  • Tracks time spent on telephone conversations
  • Tracks time independently from entering a work description
  • Provides with tasks assignments to coworkers or entire teams
  • Records time on the cost and revenue side
  • Provides with manager panel
  • Provides with advanced reports and analytics
  • Works offline

Lower costs, higher revenues and more free time

  • You will discover the most time consuming activities and confirm if you value your work and projects properly
  • You will give up on unprofitable projects
  • You will increase your client’s trust through reliable reports
  • You can verify which employee is the most work loaded and who is the most effective one
  • You’ll be surprised with how much time you spend on project phone calls. After all, discussing project details or answering repetitive questions is also work and money
  • You will know how much time all employees spent on given projects, tasks and issues
  • Tasks list and tasks assignments will help you organize better your work and the work of your coworkers – Optimisation!
  • Tracking time on the costs and revenues side will show you how much you really earn and which projects are profitable and which are not
  • You can work remotely at any time and still always be updated on what is happening in your company
  • You can issue an invoice in the app anytime you need it