Why NOT Excel?

Have you ever had to track your working hours? For yourself, for an employer, or a customer you settle on an hourly rate? What tool did you use? Read on and discover a simple and effective way to settle your hours and much more!

Recording Time in an Excel sheet

We may track time for various reasons, both professional and personal. We may need it to invoice a customer or employer, but we may also, for our own purposes, want to know how much time particular activities take us. One of the first ideas that may come to our mind is simply writing down the hours and activities in a spreadsheet.

And this solution seems to be quite easy. You write the name of a task or activity, check your watch, write the start time, and after completing the activity, return to the spreadsheet, check your watch, manually write the end time, and save it. That’s basically five steps. Five steps that record our work. More often than not, however, this is not the end. Fot these numbers and other data to be useful, we would need to analyze them or at least add them up, and this is already the next step. To make the whole process more efficient, we can however opt for the most popular spreadsheet, ie in Excel.

Excel spreadsheet allows you to quickly add up the numbers, and also to filter data, and that is especially useful when we write down more details, not just starting and ending hour, that is for example, when we want to write down the name of the customer for whom the particular action was performed. There are templates that facilitate the recording of working time but still it takes a few steps and, even using Excel formulas, this means manual, often tedious work that requires a lot of self-discipline. Not mentioning invoicing the customer based of recoded data or analyzing the data. Despite the simplicity of entering data into an Excel spreadsheet, wouldn’t we like it all to be even simpler?

Recording Time in an Excel sheet
it only takes two clicks

What if all these steps could be reduced to literally two clicks? And with another click you could quickly generate an invoice or report, and even easily decide what activities they should include? And on top of that, have an analysis prepared? Sounds unbelievable? No, it sounds like WorkTime Expert.

WorkTime Expertis a powerful, but very easy-to-use app that allows you to not only track time, including phone calls, that so often lack to be recordeds, but also to settle accounts with customers, issue invoices, prepare reports and analyze the collected data. On top of it all the app also allowes you to manage your time, as well as your team, through task delegation and built-in chat.  And all this at the click of a button, with pinpoint accuracy!

WorkTime Expert vs. Excel

How is working with WorkTime Expert different from manually entering data into an Excel spreadsheet? First of all, it takes two clicks to record working time – start and stop. Clicking the play button, or in the case of a phone call the phone icon, starts the timer, and clicking it again stops the timer. We can simultaneously type in a name of the entry, select an activity and a customer or a project. But it is not necessary to record the work time, these data can be completed later at any time. It is also ok if we have a problem with the Internet connection, WorkTime Expert will still work, record time and collect data for us even when we are offline. There’s even no problem if we forget to record a particular entry, we can enter it even after we’ve finished it.

Tracking time, reports, invoices and analytics in one

We can also easily define which activities are settled and which are not. Activities that are not to be settled will not be included in reports and invoices to customers, but they will appear in the analytics and colorful charts will show the full overview of how much a given project really costs, and that is both time and money. The app also allows settling expenses.

Thanks to the recorded work and entered data, issuing an invoice is practically just one click away, as is generating a report tailored to our or our customer’s needs.

WorkTime Expert will instantly prepare a report for us for a selected time range, for a selected customer/project, or all clients/projects. The app will generate for us income, cost or employee working time reports too.

WorkTime Expert also has a built-in calendar, which allows you to plan tasks and assign them to colleagues. Thanks to the built-in chat, we can also chat with them or even with entire teams. What is even more, we can also transfer files!

So take advantage of the free trial and check yourself how simple and effective working with WorkTime Expert is.

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