Safe and secure file cloud

We keep on improving our app to make it more and more user friendly and more and more efficient. Fewer clicks, more efficiency is what we always aim at. We also know very well that sometimes a single photo speaks louder than 1000 words, so we have introduced a new feature – from now on, working with WorkTime Expert, you can also upload and store files – photos, documents, scans, videos etc. – in a safe and secure cloud!

The feature is available in several places in the program so that you can upload files whenever you need them. They can be attached to chat, so you can send the file in question to a colleague in the blink of an eye, saving time and discussing the matter even more efficiently. Files can also be attached to customers, projects and tasks, so all aspects of the case are in one place and close at hand.

All files are available in two places:

– a special “Files” icon/tab: Click on “More ->” in the main menu and in the middle in the main data section there is a icon of the “Files” cloud.

– a hand menu on the right side that works similarly to the tasks, so that all files are at hand.

Attaching files is easy!

– Attach file(s) either by dropping it in the app by selecting files from the disk.

– In the following steps files are encrypted and sent to the internal WorkTime Expert cloud.

– An uploaded file can be described, assigned to a customer or a project.

– An uploaded file can be immediately shared with selected employees or teams

Most importantly, the new feature is not only convenient but 100% safe and secure. The file cloud is equipped with high-security standards – files are automatically encrypted, as are their security copies. The encrypted files are stored on servers located in the European Union.

WorkTime Expert – let time (and files) work for you!