How to increase your and your company’s efficiency?

How to increase your and your company’s efficiency?

Everyone claims to work effectively. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You may be even writing down on a post-it note or in Excel time spent working, but is it actual time dedicated to a particular project and can you reliably settle accounts with the client on this basis? And what about time spent talking on the phone? It doesn’t matter if you charge per hour or per a project or a case. If you don’t track time, you don’t know the cost of your work neither if it pays off.
We are aware that the quality of service is the most important. From our business point of view as an IT company every order means also meeting the client, visiting him/her, getting to know his/her company, analyzing, advising and so on. Time, time, time … time is money. Well, but such things are part of the job… True or naivety? Lack of respect for your working time? How to demand payment for the knowledge acquired over the years?

We must control time spent on a client, activities performed for him/her, tasks and employees. In the era of new technologies, you can only embrace it with new technologies. You need a tool that tracks and records time of activities performed while executing orders.

That’s how WorkTime Expert was created.

playWe have created a simple but useful app for settling tasks with a feature to measure each individual activity in the work performed. Managing work through tasks and an option to delegate tasks allowed us to control the chaos, while the costs and revenues side settlement led us to rational decisions.
In black and white came out, which tasks are in practice the most and the least time-consuming, how much time we spend on running a company issues, meetings, customer calls, emails etc. Are we in a stipulated budget? How busy are our employees? etc.

We believe that tracking your work time, you win both more time and more money, and your work gains in value!
We won’t beat around the bush – it took a while before each of us got used to clicking play ▶ and pause ▮▮ but the effect is phenomenal and with unnecessary modesty aside – our solution is great 🙂

WorkTime Expert means optimizing your time

Measuring time means collecting reliable data. Tracking time spent on a client helps to eliminate time wasted and increases profitability. And finally helps to boost efficiency. The system covers the entire process: tracking, modification, accounting, reporting and invoicing. It can be implemented independently on the cost side and on the revenue side.

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