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Time tracking

NO tracking, no improvement

Track time in a simple way. Resume previous jobs, start new ones. Measuring time has never been so easy.
You don’t have to create a task to register your work time. Collect data that will be used to optimise
your company’s workflows and increase your productivity and profitability.

  • Track duration of each task in real time
  • Switch tasks quickly and easily
  • Track time of your phone calls


See how much time you’ve tracked in each day, week or month

The list of hours allows you to view the tracked time in monthly, weekly and daily view and quickly add non-registered entries. You can also color extreme time values.

Work time settlement

From the cost and revenue side
  • hourly
  • fee-based
  • monthly
  • invoicing

Time reporting

Show your clients how dedicated you are

Time tracked by you or your employees can be easily settled with the customer from both the cost and the revenue side. Generate reports and present them to your clients. It is up to you which data you want to show. In WorkTime you can also invoice your clients for billable work.

  • Reports for clients for chosen period of time
  • Tailored reports
  • Project cost appraisal
  • Work time reporting

Productivity tracker

Increase your team’s productivity with tasks, calendar and chat
  • Delegate tasks to co-workers, set priorities and deadlines.
  • Add important appointments to your calendar and view your team’s schedules.
  • Connect and share key information using internal chat.
  • Analyse data and estimate the profitability of your clients, projects and activities.
  • Increase your efficiency by up to 25%


Issue invoices for BILLABLE work

In WorkTime you can issue an invoice for chargeable work time.

  • Invoice your work separately by hourly or fee-based, as needed
  • Edit invoice data accordingly


Work from anywhere

WorkTime works online and offline on all browsers. With our mobile app, you can keep track of time wherever you are. The mobile version is synchronised with the desktop version, so you won’t lose any data.

Track time with WorkTime