Can I edit or add an entry that was already performed?

WorkTime Expert gives us the ability to edit, delete or add entries that we forgot to record. To add a forgotten entry, go to the “Entries” tab, then in the upper right corner click “+Add entry”. Remember to enter the exact date when adding entries. The entry starting time is of secondary importance – WorkTime Expert allows entries to “overlap”. You can edit or delete an entry in various ways:
  • on the “Desktop” in the “Previous entries” section – find the entry you are interested in and click the “Green pen” next to it, then edit it or select “Delete”,
  • in the “Entries” tab selected from the main menu – click the “Green pen”, then edit or select “Delete”,
  • in the “Settlements” tab – click the “Green pen”, then edit or select “Delete”.

What is the difference between a task and an entry?

Tasks are things/cases to do in the future. You can manage tasks on the task list or on the kanban board. Tasks allow you to organize your work properly and remind you of what you have to do. You can also delegate them to other people. Entries are specific works performed in a given time period or done on an ongoing basis or in the past. In the “Entries” tab, the employee always has access to all his entries.

How can I create an employee’s account and can I change his permissions?

Employees’ accounts can be created by a person with appropriate permissions. To create an employee account, go to the “More” tab. -> in the “People and permissions” section select “Employees”. -> “Add employee” and fill in the necessary data. A message with the login and password will be automatically sent to the provided email address. We recommend the following permissions for an employee: tasks entries However, it is possible to differentiate the permissions according to the roles. For example: the full range of permissions is given to the admin the office can add, edit and delete customers An employee can add customers but cannot remove them. To change permissions, select “Employee roles” in the “People and permissions” section and you can freely manage permissions from here.

What are the activities?

Activities are types of entries defined by the Admin and are the same for the whole company, i.e. for all employees and for all customers. They should include the most frequently performed types of entries for both customers and employees. And these can be for example: Email and telephone consultations Meetings and commutes Analysing and information research Work planning (here we insert email browsing, task browsing etc) Management and organisation

How to sign up to WorkTime Expert?

The registration process is very simple. To create an account you need to fill in the form at https://app.worktime.expert/#/registration. In the following step you will receive an email with a link to confirm the registration. Click on the confirmation link and you can start working with WorkTime Expert.

How can I resume the previous entry or start a new one?

After clicking “Green Play” the running entry will be automatically stopped. Thus, a new entry starts and you can add its description, select a customer/project and an activity. You can also immediately resume one of the previous entries from the entries list with the “Blue Resume”. At this point the entry with the same description, customer and activity will be resumed.

What happens if I add two entries at the same time?

In the WorkTime Expert app it is the date that counts. You can enter any number of entries at the same time, on the same day. The entries can overlap, none of them will be deleted. For example: If an employee is on a business trip from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for the customer X, and at the same time he records in the app that from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. he was writing a pleading for the client Y, the program will calculate this time separately for each customer.

Why doesn’t the „Green pen” always show up for editing in previous entries?

Previous entries appear on the desktop and are editable. In the upper right corner of the section you can group the entries. Entries are automatically grouped if they have exactly the same description, title, activity and customer. If entries are grouped, we cannot edit them. You can edit individual sections of your work, so you need to “ungroup” the entries. Then a “Green pen” will appear next to each entry.

Can I change a phone call to an entry?

In the WorkTime Expert app we distinguish between telephone conversations and entries. At this moment it is not possible to change the call to an entry and something that was recorded as a call remains a call. However, the phone call can be billed on the report.

Can I start recording an entry from the task list?

Yes, we can start recording an entry in WorkTime Expert from several locations, including tasks. To do this, go to “Tasks” and click “Green Play” for the task you are interested in. At this point the time will start recording. You can also start an entry from the “Previous entries” section on the “Desktop”, and also from the calendar.

Who can assign the tasks for the employee?

Each employee has the possibility to create a task for himself and can also delegate it to any person in the company. There are no restrictions here and an employee can delegate a task to his manager. To create a task and delegate it to another person, select the “Tasks” menu, then in the upper right corner “+Add task”, fill in the necessary data and in the “Task delegations” section click “Add task delegation” and select a relevant person.

What is the difference between an event and a task?

An event is a special form of a task. Just like in tasks, an event can be changed by the user who created it and the user assigned to it and has it delegated as the task. The difference between an event and a task is in its visibility – everyone can see an event subject to private events, and tasks are visible only to a person who created them and a person assigned to them. An event can be defined as public (default setting) or private. The “private” event is visible in the calendar for everyone, but its description is always one word: “Busy”. In “private” events, the name of the customer and the name of the project the event refers to are also not visible to other employees.

What can I use “teams” for?

Teams facilitate working with task and deadline assignments and chat. You can delegate a task to a team – then all team members will receive it. You can also delegate an event to a team – then the task will appear on all team members’ calendars. The same applies to chat – when you write to the team, you write to all team members.

What are the roles for?

In WorkTime Expert you can define permissions for virtually every element of the system. To simplify permissions management, we combine individual permissions into sets – groups called roles. Then these groups of permissions or roles are assigned to employees – system users. The role names are discretionary and are edited by a user who has permissions to edit roles such as the Admin.

Can I change my subscription from monthly to annual?

Yes, it is possible to change the subscription from monthly to annual after the end of the running monthly subscription. Then there is a one-off annual fee and the unit price per user is lower.

Can I edit my data and change application settings?

Yes, in WorkTime Expert we can change email address, password and settings. When you click on your name in the top right corner you will see a menu where you can change your password and settings.

Can I settle time that was not recorded?

Yes, in the WorkTime Expert app we distinguish between tracked time and settled time. They may differ from each other. We decide for ourselves what time we want to settle with the customer. If you want to settle a different time than the recorded one, go to the “Settlements” tab, then click the checkbox for the selected entry. At this point a window will appear in which you can edit the settled time.

How can I set the rates?

In WorkTime Expert, we can define the rates for customers, projects/cases, employees and roles . It is worth starting with general rates, i.e. the ones we use most often, e.g. a legal counsel has a rate of X EUR/h, a judicial assistant – Y EUR/h, John Smith, who is a valued legal counsel – Z EUR/h. Then we can set exceptional rates, negotiated with the customer. For the customer, the general rate is X EUR/h (which results from the agreement with the customer). For the customer University, when service is provided by a person in the position of Legal Advisor – rate Y EUR/h. For the customer University, when service is provided by John Smith – rate Z If we have defined the rates accordingly to customers, employees and roles, their value may vary.

Is it possible to add a flat rate per project? How can I settle hourly rates exceeding the flat rate keeping a distinction between entries?

We add a flat rate in the “Customer” or “Project” section. After exceeding a defined number of hours in a flat rate, it is possible to set a rate over the flat rate, but it will be a general rate for specific employees and roles. But if you wish to have different over the flat rate accordingly to employees/entries, do not complete the field “Over the flat rate”. The rates will be copied from the data in the “Rates” tab.

Can I use WorkTime as a private person?

Yes, you can use WorkTime as a company or as a private person. You don’t need a tax number to create an account in the app. Haven’t found the answer to your question? Please feel free to drop us a message at help@worktime.pl.