Teal management – because people matter

Lately we have been hearing a lot about hybrid work model and, in the context of people management, about empathy, human resource management, a transformation of control, servant leadership or the boss’s role as an inspirer. All these elements can already be found in the Teal organizations. Monika Goc and Agnieszka Borowska – Zasada talk about willingness of an organization to go teal, team building and everyday life, where both people and…results are important.

Why NOT Excel?

Have you ever had to track your working hours? Read on and discover a simple and effective way to settle your hours and much more!


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Safe and secure file cloud

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WorkTime Expert crib notes

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WorkTime Expert for accounting

Many industries, one app! Our customers’ opinions prove WorkTime Expert to work out in various industries. That is why we invited them to share their insights about the app. Agnieszka Borowska-Zasada talked to Daniel Czekatowski