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Time tracking
Track time with a single click. You can do it on your computer or use a mobile app both, online or offline.
Timesheet allows you to view tracked time in monthly, weekly and daily view.
Time reporting
You can generate a report. Analyse and optimise your tracked time!
Productivity Tracker
Manage and organise your workflow with tasks, calendar and chat. Increase your productivity!
If you have already settled your entries, you can issue an invoice.
You can settle time from the cost and revenue side. Available types of settlement: hourly, fee-based, monthly
why track time with worktime?
Data collection
Collect real data to help you increase your productivity
Generate transparent reports and show your client how much you work
Intuitive interface
Intuitive interface for user friendly software
Unprofitable activities
Analyse data and eliminate unprofitable activities
Time management
Organise your time better with tasks and calendar
Online and offline
Track your time anywhere you are, online or offline
Marcin Miśkowicz
Legal Counsel & Associate

“For us, i.e. a law firm with over a dozen employees, WorkTime Expert has become the second most important programme, without which running the business would be very complicated. If it wasn’t for this software, our office work would be much more difficult because of the need to track all activities in separate files, including their time and cost, and then sum everything up. Also, we wouldn’t be able to track what our employees are doing on an ongoing basis. WorkTime Expert is also the best notepad for the current to-do items and time spent on them, and it’s also available on the go. ”

Anna Pach-Kustra
Anna Pach-Kustra
Legal Counsel & Associate

“WorkTime Expert is a very useful tool and has a real impact on the monthly performance. For those who decide to use the app, it will probably be a relatively small overhead cost, hardly noticeable in monthly expenses, but it can make a huge difference in the revenue.”

Dominika Kordas-Tarcholik

“There are many solutions available for law firms on the market, however, they are quite expensive and not every law firm or lawyer needs all the features offered by these programmes. Investing in them is an unnecessary expense for small law firms. I use WorkTime Expert on a daily basis and admit that it is the tool that helped me to automate certain activities, such as time tracking, which was previously done in Excel. The data collected by the software through regularly tracking the work time are also very useful. In this way I can see how much I really work on my cases and how much time I spend on administrative and office tasks. There is no doubt that this information can be used to optimise my work in a smart way.”

Joanna Śliwa
Legal Counsel

“I believe that the software is good for anyone who wants to streamline their day-to-day activities and think about increasing profits without increasing the number of hours spent on work. You can spend all day at work with no effect on how much money you earn, but the reasons may be different – for example, focusing on irrelevant things and allowing too much time for them, doing several things simultaneously and not finishing them, or doing unprofitable things. In such cases WorkTime Expert helps a lot. The point is to work smart and earn money, but also to keep the right work to life balance. Balance is everything!”

Hubert Cichoń
Hubert Cichoń
Enodo Advisors

“WorkTime Expert makes tasks assigning and keeping track of progress much easier. It also facilitates the access to current data showing time that individual team members spend on assigned to them tasks. This app has decreased the amount of time that partners spent on these types of tasks. On top of it, we appreciate high responsiveness of the WorkTime Expert team, that reacts very quickly and adjusts the product to our needs.”

Daniel Czekatowski
Daniel Czekatowski

“Thanks to WorkTime Expert, we can accurately assess the value of our work, the effects of which we can then show to our clients. The tool for tracking e-mail and telephone consultations is the most handy in everyday work. None of the tools we had used before we discovered WorkTime Expert allowed to track these works so accurately. On top of it, thanks to the fact that employees record their work on an ongoing basis, we save time that used to be spent on a manual tallying up working hours in a traditional timesheets.”

Piotr Suwała
Piotr Suwała
Volkswagen Financial Services

“I have read with interest about the the WorkTime and WorkTime Expert app features. This tool is aimed at measuring efficiency and working time and will be perfect for all managers who want to analyze the efficiency of their salesmen as well as the efficiency of a salesman’s work related to a specific customer or customer group. It easily translates into value for the salesman and the organization itself. And it provides very quick and effective answer to the question – How much did it cost me to get to this customer and make a deal with him? We can also compare the effectiveness patterns of different clients. Thank you very much to Agnieszka Borowska Zasada for the possibility of testing the program. I recommend this tool to anyone looking for a tool for time optimization for their business.”

Ewa Suwała_Circle
Ewa Suwała
Coach, Mentor, Mediator

“My biggest WorkTime Expert take away? Money and time! That’s right, because time is money. I have started to respect my time, time I spend with my clients, including all these „just 5-10 more minutes”. The app showed me how much money I had been losing because of this type of sitting on and not charging for it.

Besides, many of us work via phone. Customers often call with one short question. We talk, we take our time, we share our knowledge; the problem is that it is not paid for. In the WorkTime Expert app we can records such calls and figure them up when we meet with the client.”

Tomasz Adam_circle
Tomasz Adam
Escalar CEO

“I think that the biggest advantage of WorkTime Expert is its flexibility. Its features and functionality allow to design records and work sheets in various ways and almost perfectly fit our MO.

Besides,  working with the app gave us, in the form of analyses, a lot of information and statistics related to the organization of our work. ”

Mateusz Czyżyński
Social Media Now

“There is a great value in evaluating the profitability of a particular customer. The total time we put in as an agency on a particular customer is the result of the work of several people. As business relatioans with particular customers vary, without WorkTime Expert we would not be able to realistically assess how much a particular customer “costs” us. This allows to negotiate with the customer to change the rate or set of responsibilities so that the company can grow.”

Karolina Giersz
The Office of Legal Advisers Gała & co.

“Time tracking in WorkTime Expert has increased my efficiency and organized my task list. Tracking forces you to focus more on the current task while helping you avoid “wasting” time, such as when a customer calls a dozen times a day, each time with a short question. I’ve noticed that these short questions in a dozen “quick” phone calls often add up to 30 – 45 minutes in a day. This also greatly affects the transparency of the business relationship with the customer, who often only after receiving such a detailed breakdown can see how much time I spend on working for him, proving, and this service is not only letters, but also the mentioned phone calls, emails, etc.”

Karolina Michalska

“I think WorkTime Expert is a very simple and functional app, which above all substantively affected the way I work and how I approach my time/activities. And if the solution has a positive impact on my business and brings concrete, measurable benefits, i.e. more orders at the same time – then all I can say is – I simply recommend it.”

lukasz pytko
Łukasz Pytko
PR Manager

“WorkTime Expert is a very useful tool. In fact, it’s the best one I’ve ever used, as far as managing my work time is concerned. Now I know how much time it takes me to do particular tasks and I never thought it took me so long to write emails or do translations! It turned out that tasks that are estimated on 5 minutes often take much longer. It can be of considerable benefit to present such a time-sheet in a report for a customer or quote for your own work.”

Paweł Gała
Legal Counsel

“My employees have always tracked their working hours for the settlements with customers. We did not use any specialized tool for this purpose and it always took a lot of time to prepare collective lists of working time for individual customers. Thanks to WorkTime Expert not only we save time, but the app also showed that our manual calculations were not accurate (usually we under-recorded 10 to 20% of the time actually spent working for customers).”

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